The four principles when you date single rich man

meet rich menDo you have the obvious feelings that the different between single rich man and common single after you ever meet all of them in different time but all make sure that relationships as lover? By the way, actually, I can join in it based on my own dating experiences. I’ve dating over 12 different kind of the single guys that some of them are called as single rich guys and some of them work as engineer, sales manager and common jobs as well as common incomes. The big difference between them is the way of spend moneys, rich guys would send you a Jimmy Choo heels if you felt so happy while the common one would spent much more time with you if you cherished it at all. But, as far as I am concerned, most of the single girls would like to choose the rich one so that they would living a better life in the future.


So here we are talk about the four principles when you meet single rich men.



  1. Dating is not the only one

Many single girls thought their rich lover as the most important one in their life due to he could help them beyond even surpass the poor or common living standard into the better one without some hesitations. But here are some women still be abandoned by their rich lover from the mansion and the luxury dreams. The reason why for that is you never have a clear idea about how many beautiful women existing on this planet and you couldn’t have the able to persuaded your rich man loves you only. The lowliness like the dirty in the soup make man so disgusting. You’ better learn something new to add your fascinated to that man is better.


  1. Love is the property distance

Some rich men once said to me that the reason why they will give up in love is the much more closed distance made them felt so narrow in that place even have the bad impression to their own daily life and business. For example, if you are travel abroad for business alone over 7 days, your lover complaining to you that the time for business is too long, she can’t wait for so long and so on. That would make you give up more rapidly.


  1. He’s not that just into you

He own his business and social circle friends, and they can’t paid more attentions on you, be a wise woman is important. One day you are finally trust that he is not that just into you, you must felt so sad and unhappy, but asked yourself well, what you want for. If for money, just keep in quiet. If for love, just date another single rich guys.



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