The reasons for wealthy singles give up dating with you

meet rich menRecently, Bella said to me that a potential boyfriend who been selected from wealthy singles have cut off all of the connection with her, they are met in three months ago in a single rich men party and she said to me that he is the best one in mind always looking for when meet him in the first time. So she trying to contact him and sharing something interesting and get more closer between them. As a common single lady, she felt it is lucky and should be aware that chance to meet his need and going deeper in that relationship to get something more like luxury lifestyle, money and travel around the world. Things seems going well and passed one month more she found that she can not contact him anymore. She felt angry, sadness and have no ideas about the reason why caused this situation. For me, like a name of movie “He’s not just that into you”.


  1. Have mistaken their intentions

Bella found her destiny boy in the meet rich man party with his gentle, kindness and rich style, she may misunderstood the man’s greeting and manner into likes. But that man do not thought it as well as Bella’s idea just devote to the basic greeting. You are tried your best to know his contact information and start to get some links, but trust me dear, for almost all of the men, they are willing to received the invite from many feminine invitations and think these as the symbol of their own pride.


  1. Excessive test

You are lucky if you finally found that what their feedback showing that you are not self-sentimental and imagine things but the man really have the intention to keep going on with you instead of have sex for fun. But as what your former dating experiences, just you want to test what their real mind in you in some foolish ways like have to lie to your boyfriend to meet each other in valentine’s day and birthday, pretend to hookup him and son on.



  1. Abuse their principles

No matter in dating relationship or with your friends, there are some bottom lines which been set as the deadline do not touch it in case the relationship broke. For example, you are want his buy a new mansion for you but they are not get it into plan so you are keep begging for him non-stopped. They are tired of you while you must seek and date a rich guy new.


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