The reasons why mature wealthy singles are much difficult in love

wealthy singlesRecently I met some mature wealthy singles ages between 35-45 years old on rich men dating sites, and hoped that could the opportunities to choose the best one as lover into long-term relationship even marriage. That idea is comes from my sister who have the successful dating rich mature singles over 14 times in the past 3 years and she told me that choose the mature one is much better in many aspects than younger one due to they known well how to treat your feelings and listen your inner words instead of making love just for fun.


But I found that the mature rich men are much difficult fall in love with somebody which less happened on younger singles, in the very beginning, I struggled in whether he do not satisfied about me so that appears common in dating. After 2 months later, we end up that relationship and dating and I can’t help asking him the reasons why he treat me like that and the answer is silence.


After through this painful dating, I tried to asking many from my friends whom used to join with mature wealthy dating or someone who act a role of mature single rich man and listed some reasons for that.


  1. The longer time they spend alone the less chances they have to fall in love with someone due to they time developed their ability to identify whether it is love when they meet. The more mature you are, the more stories like the spirit nutrition carried by you anytime anywhere.
  2. They are more good at put themself in other people’s shoes but you are missing one, it make somebody who stay with they for business or private things could felt much more comfortable. They know how to treat you well to make you felt be surrounded by the sense of safety and sink in deeper and deeper.
  3. The more mature they are the deeper understood about the life, they known that how difficult in daily life if you couldn’t have the abilities to deal it well. And they choose to hide the secrets in the corners or shelters in mind and trying to comfort themself to understand in the complex world.
  4. Most of the mature singles will back to the child when they sink in love, for them, it is full of the dangerous and they are no idea about that even lost the feelings of safety.
  5. The more mature they are, the more cherish the pure love but hard to seek in wealthy chat  .



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