The rushed relationships in wealthy dating sites

Do you ever registered as a membership on some wealthy dating sites like Millionaire Match, Meet a Millionaire and so on? What’s your feelings and how about you dating experiences of that is? I guess there are many new people who never sign up in this kind of the dating sites online before have much more interests about that and trying to learn it well. But we all known that with the time goes by and the development of the online dating and related apps appears more and more in our daily life and occupied some in your own smart-phone, you have more choices when you want start your rich dating journey online, but as a coin just have two sides, the advantages and disadvantages always existing and living together.


Do your ever thought that nowadays people have more hurried than our last even several generations in many aspects, for examples. One, today you are less time to leisure yourself and family members like your last generation when the weekend come in or in some vital holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving day as well, the high pressured work maybe bothering you, and you have separated with you ex-boyfriend over 1 years because you are living and working 5 hundred miles away and hard to meet each other in daily life and hard to defeated but fall into temptation with new one. You also busy in the own work so as to lacked of the time to cooking some health good only bought the frozen foods, simple cooked salad and light cook food back home, the fast food like coke and burger is your standard lunch in working. You hate that style of living and working but have no ideas about that.


The dating also be attacked by that trend like the speed dating is rises and developing well like the Tinder app dating, you just scan the potential people’s photos and short self-introduction as well you just could choose yes or not in the next dating whether have the position be left for him or her. Is that really suitable for the dating? I don’t think so. Even the official claimed that the recommended list the push to the users based on the accurate matches and big date systems as well as the more fixed by their engineers, but I still full of the doubt about that wealthy dating style.


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