The stalkers on wealthy dating sites

wealthy dating sitesLast week we introduced the catfishes on wealthy dating sites and harmful to the users and we continue to share another bad one that the stalkers online. With the development of dating online, more and more singles and required people join it through their own PC or smart phone and registered as a member on different kind of the dating sites followed by their needs and interests. And the related apps increasing help us dating online more quickly and conveniently. But there are some people struggled in the some bothering ←questions like the horror from stalkers so that they can not working and living well. So, what is stalkers?


Donnie is one of my friends met each other since we all 13 years old and we all reached the door of 30 years old this year, but Don is unhappy like few months ago when he first touched the online dating, date back to 3 years ago he have a baby and living a happiness life with his wife but that not last for so long but his wife divorced with him and carried their only children left Don alone. After I persuaded him he finally set free from the drunk and picked up the confidence for future and seek another one as lover, so he came out his first step in online dating, but that stupid man claimed that he is a rich man and the salary over 1 million dollar per year. Many women trying to touched him and the life is enjoyable at very first beginning, but things getting bad even worse that Don found that his personal information like the addresses no matter in work and house, telephone numbers, driving license number and other has been disclosed. That made him almost crazy due to some unnamed number call to his phone and his own photo has been someone get.


Some women who he ever dated but not match successful came to his home and ask him the more chance to them is suitable despite he do not the willingness but give a try. He also found that someone stay with him when he take the subway or enjoy the Italian meals in restaurant.


In my opinion, keep your profile into a secret box and showing few information to public is much safety and paying more attentions in you social medias like Ins, FB and other best wealthy dating sites.


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