The wonderful memories of farmers dating

single farmersI always want write something tell to someone who have the interests in farmers dating or meet single farmers is wonderful if you have some dating experiences with non-agricultural singles already. For me, a common girl who born and used lived in Kansas before 20 years old have bored the traditional lifestyle like my mom and dad that only could seen them in work places and home in the most of the time in a year. So I tried my best to living better than them as what I most want to be the place is rural areas of farm.


In this place, I meet many of the kindness men and women like my neighbors Mr. John, he have three kids and work as a farmer to operate his own farm over 15 years. Thanks for his invitation in 2014 so I have the first chance to meet single farmers and always keep my way on. So, here we are talk about some of my memories in farm.


  1. The useless calendar

People always keep the calendar remain in their home because it is visual and more like to be a decorated thing in house, moreover, they are too easy to use in schedules. You might already prepared the plan well to celebrate your farmer lover’s birthday in a party but been delayed for the weather forecast claimed that there will almost 18 hour’s rainstorm but the grains in farm couldn’t been forced by this. Common as in Thanksgiving day even other vital holidays.



  1. Don’t jump on

I think almost all of the people living and working in agriculture are busy than common people and they are no ideas about what are you doing or something you ever done. They are more likely tend to tell you where the tools put is, how’s about the dinner? You must be crazy about that and want the scream to them something but calm down and said wait a minute.


  1. The different between animals and human

You farmer lover might felt so sensitive about the smells from baby including excrement but do not mind the cow’s same thing, these have a big difference for them.


  1. Eager to love

Their love just like their temper that strong and be patient but it doesn’t means they lacked the will to love, on the contrary, they will treat you well after you date with them.



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