Three sentences to showing women love to wealthy singles

wealthy singlesThere are many wealthy singles once said to me that they are completely have no ideas about how to seek out what the real intentions of that women they have the interests dating in future, as we all known that faced with the numerous single women and the own strong financial situation and foundation, they rich single men have many choices in dating different kind of the single charming ladies as well as single sexy boys if they want. And you may think that almost all of the single rich men belong to the dudes while the truth is only part of them is match you judgement, and there are also have many like-minded singles keep seeking their lovers like our common people.


Actually, in my opinions, as a dating expect over 20 years and met over thousands of the people who sink in dating problems and I think have the able to answer your questions about that. There are many men said that they have no ideas about what their lovers’ real thoughts when staying or dating with her. They are unreasonable shout to him and broken something if they disagreed something like her. While, there are many men said to me that some women would say some words and sentences to them but they haven’t the able to answer them and learn it well what’s the inner meaning. So here we are help you to analysis the meaning.


Sentence one

What are you doing?

It sounds like a common words if a man said to you and just only related in regrets, but if a potential lover said that words to you could means many things into anything. Firstly, they may have something important showing to you, secondly, they are want to know what are yo doing, finally, they want get more time and space with you.


Sentence two

I felt so tired

What’s you first thought when you heard a woman said that words to you? Did she need regret? Or just have a rest in sofa even she met something broken heart and have no ideas to dealing it well? May be she need a strong arms to hold her on the warmth chest and have the comfort words as well as the peaceful love.


Sentence three

Send me back home

This words might be spoken after you are enjoy the meal together or join the party for business in the night and till the midnight she have disable in back home alone but hoped that some males could send her back. While the more meaningful words inside is do you want stay with me in the secret space instead of wealthy chat parties.


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