Three things I know better after meet wealthy singles as lover

My mother once said to me that meet wealthy singles as lover is a special yet common dating experience because you can not predicted what will happened in the next day morning, what would you do and how about the feelings at that a common woman, cherish that time with rich men dating is necessary especially your stay in the poor finances. Sometimes you may thought it is a long way to go when you want seek lover as well as meet the man who stay with your rest lifetime, it is one of a important parts in your life but broken heart indeed but it could help you grew up well.


You want to be eager hug in his arms and faced his chest listen the heart beats while want more freedom and personal space ad time after you meet him over several months. Therefore, here are something should you noticed when wealthy dating with other rich men.


  1. Mutual tolerance

No matter men or women in love should have the clear idea about this point, meet and fall in love with others is easy but hard to maintain this relationship based on the mutual tolerance. Many people finally have the complete recognition about tolerance after they experienced the fails love several times. Many people in love is blind especially in the very first beginning, they have no ideas about lover’s disadvantages at that time only in the middle or end could find it and till the break up.


  1. Mutual trust

I think you are cheat on me, I’m not your only one but you have many women, etc. These sadness questions happen on women in different places and times but they are all unfortunately one. This is the basic factor which like the bricks and the building which have the same functions but in different places. We always want meet the best lover in the best time and best age also best place so that we have the best energy to deal that relationship into the best one.


  1. Transpositional consideration

What’s your feelings if your boyfriend don’t care your sore feet with high heels but urge you walking fast as soon as possible in journey, and they can not understand how painful when you in menstrual period but playing computer games with applause. If not, what you faced is the time to say goodbye and start a new wealthy chat.


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