Three types of the mistakes men you never forgiven though you are meet in wealthy chat sites.

wealthy chatMany of my girl friends get together in the last Sunday night who most of the them have the memberships on wealthy chat sites want seek rich men and living better instead of her own efforts but uselessly. Sally, one of my friends who met when I was 13 years old and living the darkness and meaningless life and saved me at that time, my sweet darling. But she said to us that her rich boyfriend who met from rich men dating site are cheated on her even unfaithful because she found he have been have sexes with different kind of the women when they in relationship. I felt so angry and sadness about that. Based on this, I want sharing something about these bad men and here we are listed the three types of men should you noticed.


  1. Infidelity

You must separated with him no matter how handsome, charming and wealthy are, because over half of the women can’t forgive this behavior between soul and body contact. Dear, the truth of the difference of infidelity only have in one and several times, once they taste the excited feeling about these sex behavior they cannot take them off from it but sinking. They would promised to you that this is the first time and never happened again but the truth is this would happen all the time if they catch the feeling and chances.


  1. Lie

Almost all of the women in love has been cheated by their lover or husband despite they promised all the things happen on them would talk to each other no shelter to existing. You couldn’t forgive him if you discovered that your lover saying something lies several times and want to filling and cover that former lies by the new one. Date based on each others’ in good faith of yours and last well if going well on this. If you can not the hope about your relationship please talk to him and break up as soon as possible.


  1. Domestic violence

This is a dangerous relationship and harmful to you at present even could ruin your children in future if you find he has the domestic violence even happened on you, that unfortunately matters, please call the police and ask for some helps and break up with him despite you might some help from your family members.


That’s the wealthy chat parties and sites a lot.


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