Tips for wealthy singles have a clear idea to the women you date

wealthy singlesNo matter the wealthy singles or common people,we all afraid to meet the bad girl or woman as lover even into the marriage because you don’t know well what waiting on you next after stay with her. Some women living for love, some living for children, and some living for themself while another living for money. What kind of the girl do you like stay with them?



Till to the wedding, you might take many things into consideration while it have much different from the dating despite all of them based on love happily thinking about it. The woman who have the willingness marry with you do you have the clear even date back to childhood investigations to identify is it her suitable marry with you in the last life time. We collected some tips should you noticed that to check out is that the right one as a marry one.


  1. Duty to parents

Despite we may not so traditional as some Asian countries that living with parents after married and responsible for all of the housework and replace the work of the parents not including the financial control but it also should be take into considerations that the relationship between your lover and her parents, you would seek something special no matter bad or great one but it could helpful to your judgement.



  1. Money or her lover

In the beginning we mentioned that some women living for money while someone living for love and family, that is a question for you even though you are met on wealthy chat site and through a happy moment but should you have the clear idea about whether her date partner is money or yourself. If money, you might not have the good time to live after married and till to that relationship broken and you may at a loss. Meanwhile, set a plan to test whether she have the real willingness married with you own instead of the money is better and get help from your friends.



  1. Whether she cheated on you

It is common that some women date over two or three even more men at the same time from online rich men dating sites even though she is dating with you but have the special skills to comfort the other cheated men into the peaceful mind. Some women dating for money she also could bear living on different male’s bed to get what she want. After several days even months, she choose the best one and thrown the meaningless men into the marriage to get what her want, do not be the victim one.




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