What’s the reasons for mature wealthy singles more prefer the pure women

wealthy singlesThere were someone once asked me that what’s the reasons for mature wealthy singles are more prefer to choose the pure women as lover even the long term-relationship but my mind told me that it is not a intelligent decision if have the clear survey about that but shared to others, so I taken a survey about that topic with the over 55 rich single men who want or dating a pure woman and shared what their feeling about that.


What is the definition about wealthy mature singles? Generally speaking, the man full of the elegant, charming and gentlemen attitudes that full of the self-confidence based on the wealth. You are hardly see their embarrassed and tired face but deal many thigs well.


What is the definition about pure women? Firstly, they must be a virgin, and less faced some squalid, do not work hard for life nor living better.


The more mature men she met from wealthy dating sites, the more willing they want meet pure woman as lover even wife to compared their rest lifetime, they might be no longer young and have some wrinkles on the face. They want living the peaceful life now and future and away from the emotional messes. Besides, his mind door is not the open yet and welcome anyone who have the intention to meet him, but add some locks to avoid something disturbed. The more mature they are, the more pure they want in life and lover.


That men are much more likely to meet the pure women and date with them, in the eyes of rich mature men, the experienced women is not their best even primary choice but an excellent partner in business, till the private life, the experienced one should be rejected in front of the door.


As the pure women, the deadly disadvantage for them is to make the man you dating felt have much pressures and they trying to seek another light-pressure woman. Trying to do something to comfort him despite you do not the willing to but they wanna you do that to match the standards they set.


While, what’s the characters of pure women the wealthy single mature men liked so much ?

  1. The women who knowing how the comfort them.
  2. Pure as a clean water.
  3. Deal the family affair better.
  4. The like-minded one.


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