Why are you hard to meet single rich man

meet rich menFiona is my colleague over 3 years and equal to the time of her to meet single rich man since I first heard about that from other people, but much to my surprised is her insist on that rich dating despite few chance to maintain that over 3 months. In the very first beginning, we are not familiar due to we are working for different project and department, over 6 months I was redeployed to the same place with her, then our connect get more closer. The reason why I keep in touch even last the good friendship with her should date back to my childhood, the memories about my father always is stereotype that he always drunk and did something wrong like the drunk driving and domestic violence to my mom and me, I was the only child in this family till 6 year old mom carried me left that home into Dallas also divorced with him, since then I never see him again and have no ideas about him, that is a painful memories.


Yet since I was 16 year old, you know, in that age you always want attract some handsome guys’ attentions till to date, but my dates always getting worse. I have no ideas about how to deal that relationship with them and change it into better and better so I quit to date until Fiona into my world and made me realized the lack of the father’s love caused this situations, so I try to change based on her suggestions.


  1. Quit the impatient


In the past relationships I was always lacked the patience when something seems into trouble and what my way to deal it only the non-stopped shout and blame to my ex-boyfriends, that is a stupid decision.


  1. Laugh at others

Honest speaking, I was met some single rich guys on rich men dating sites and think that way as a convenient way to deal, like most of the dating procedures we always met each other online and open the private space that post many real photos and words online to each other so as to have more deeply understand. Then after one month later, we are trying to date in reality world. But I just can’t help laughing when these men sharing their embarrassment past experiences to me, that’s fool.


  1. Be a cheater

I have no ideas about the reason why I cheated my potential lover as a common thing in my lifetime, they always said to me that your everything is match to me except you are a cheater and full of the lies. I can not believe about what I did and talked.


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