You’d better followed these if you want meet single farmers

As a once single young girl who living in rural areas with some single farmers in UK for over 4 years and till now, I want to showing something to you that different from the downtown life. And straight to says there are much more interesting things and matters happened everyday and their lifestyle is not as much as what our downtown people thought that boring and dull. You might considered this place is not a good place to living when you first heard the wolf howl, seen the craze sheep and vast stretches of gold fields even the fall behind network. But you will have many changes about this place after you get the real idea about the peaceful, quiet and harmonious lifestyle.


  1. For mommy and daddy, if you have decided to living in that place, ask yourself get up early and drive your children to school as early than your neighbors if they have owned truckers and always use it owing to there is only one way traffic road between your house and school. And that drivers might be a drunker in few hours ago to attended the lonely farmer dating.


  1. Do not cow tipping in that place because there are so many cows that you may confused.


  1. Teach your friends and children, the hens don’t care the company from rooster, because they could have baby by themself.


  1. Quit your fall out prejudices and trying to showing you slight smiles and nod to each other you meet in the road or walk around.


  1. Some of the single farmers dating depend on the numbers and the size of the trucks they owned, it also be thought as the most precious wealth they have despite most of them should be thought as millionaire but they still be quietly.


  1. Do not underestimate the looked tiny men and women in rural areas, I have met my friends hold the 75 KG beef walk around the farm to win the prize for him. Keep a good manner otherwise they many kick you ass.


  1. The fire ants existing anytime and anywhere in rural area, what should you do is to fight with them by yourself or group cooperation, be ware of that small even tiny creature it could destroyed your wood house within several years and set it as their wonderland. I guess there’s nobody want to stay with this small creature.



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